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Principal Message

It is truly an honour and a privilege to lead such a great team, the staff that devotes their lives to educating our children. Our students, our youth, and our younger generations of today, are our future Leaders of tomorrow, with this in mind, we work together to provide a good education and instill good citizenship among our students.  We provide opportunities for our students to experience personal growth.We provide opportunities to promote a positive learning environment for our students to be successful.

We welcome, and value our Siksika Board of Education Leadership and we hold dear, our lasting working relationship that we have established, for the benefit of all important stakeholders, students, parents, and educators.  And thank you for the continuing support they provide for our students and staff each year. I am always impressed by their willingness to assist us in general and specific ways.  

Thank you to Parents, staff and Teachers in working together to highlight our student’s talents in various educational entities within the school.   Hats off to our Teachers and staff and most important, our students; we applauded you.  We work as a team to make our students SHINE, a great contribution toward paving a road for our students to experience success and promote good citizenship among our students.  

Principal Delia Spring Chief