Chief Crowfoot School offers the following programs:

  1. Academics – all subjects taught as outlined in the Alberta Program of Studies and we also integrate the Siksika Ways of Knowing into our teachings
  2. Siksika Language/Culture -To instill pride, respect and confidence in the Siksika Heritage through Story-Telling, Hand Game, Drumming Club, Culture Camp, Elder/Community Involvement
  3. Elder Program – Students learn our traditional and cultural ways through story-telling, mentoring, improve social skills, improve self-esteem
  4. Extra-Curricular Activities – Students participate in activities/sports throughout the year (after school)
  5. School Wide Events – Princess Pageant, Math Fair, Literacy Fair, Science Fair, Talent Show, Youth Chief & Council, Christmas Concert, Community Feast to name but a few
  6. Other Services Provided for Students – Speech Therapy, Family/Parent Liaison Worker, Youth Wellness Coach, Dental Therapist   
  7. Educational Physical Challenged Awareness Week (EPCAW) – to promote awareness of  various special needs, through various activities
  8. Student Awards Monthly/Year end – Academic Excellence,  Literacy Excellence, Attendance Incentives
  9. Grade 7 & 8 Core courses – Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, P.E., Siksika Language and Culture are offered as Core courses for our Junior high students.